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01. What We Offer

Social Trading offer an open environment for everyone interested in trading, where traders of all experience levels from around the world can connect together through a platform to discuss forex, stock and other markets.

Share trading ideas, market commentary and to utilize the collective wisdom of the crowd to make better trading decisions.

02. More Benefits To Optimize You’re Profits

More Attractive Spreads

Benefits from low spreads and low commissions, including FX as low as 0.6 pip and Gold as low as $0.15

More Leverage

We offer you competitive levels of leverage, dynamic but also responsible leveragemax. 1:200

More Trading Strategy

All strategies are allowed, including Expert Advisor, copy trading and more …

More Ways To Trade

Trade anytime, anywhere with MetaTrader4, award-winning trading platform forWindows and Mac – PCs or Mobile Apps
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pro and cons stock market
Pros And Cons Stock Market

Pros And Cons Stock Market – Have you ever heard of the stock market? This is a form of a promising source of funding for those who need an injection of fresh funds. However, it also takes courage to get involved in Investing In The Stock Market. Therefore, this time we will examine the strengths and weaknesses of the stock market.…

pennant pattern definition
How to Trade Forex With Pennants Chart Patterns

How to Trade Forex With Pennants Chart Patterns – Trader friends, in the trading world there are lots of tricks and strategies that can be applied. Also, various patterns can be applied as a trading strategy for traders’ friends, where the use of patterns in this trading strategy allows trader friends to gain maximum and consistent profit from the forex market.…

bullish rectangle pattern definition
Using Rectangular Patterns For Trading Breakouts

Using Rectangular Patterns For Trading Breakouts – In general, the breakout offers some potential risk/reward, allowing traders to keep stops relatively tight on potential profit targets. An exposed way of doing this is by trading the ‘rectangle’ pattern, which increases when the price collects between the represented support and resistance zones. Traders wait for some time during which the price consolidates…

US & ASIAN MARKET REVIEW on January 11, 2021

the world stock market moves in a variety of ways

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