How to Read the Olymp Trade Candlesticks – Want to know how to read Olymp Trade candlesticks and how they work and how to analyze them correctly ?. We explain candlestick structures and show how to read chart formations correctly.

Candlesticks are the most popular trading method for analyzing the market because these chart presentations offer more information than normal line charts in online trading. This training can be adapted to any market (active) and any time frame (unit of time). Below is a picture.

What is Candlestick?

Candlesticks are graphical representations in the form of candles. This is a custom representation, unlike the well-known line charts. These candles can be used to further analyze the development of an asset’s price using some information.

How to Read the Olymp Trade Candlestick Movements?

Bullish Candles:

Candles can only contain a variety of information. It is important to note that candles always have a certain expiration time. There is always a fixed period as the training progresses. The time limit can be set in your online broker trading platform.

The fall of the candle:

The important formation of the candlesticks is the Doji (pictured below). This indicates that the price has the same open as the closing price. You go up and down, we see that there is a price change, but the price is back to square one. With the right strategy, these candles can generate reversal signals on the chart.


With a candle display, you can read a lot of market information. This information can be used for your trading strategy.

  • The candle holder has a certain expiration time
  • The expiration time can be set variously on the trading platform.
  • The candle view provides a lot of information for trading.

How to Read the Olymp Trade Candlestick Patterns

Whether it is an indicator or just a chart, a trader can customize his trading style. In the image below, we see the pin candle function about the market resistance point. Candle formations can act as an entry signal.

This happens because the majority think certain prices are very expensive or cheap. Markets drive supply and demand. If the location is identified, one can search for optional entries with a hammer (Pincandle). These patterns often occur at the edges of the lateral phase.

Reparanism is a price point where the market has failed several times and has also failed to breakthrough. Very often you see the hammer as a reversal signal. In the proper analysis, this candlestick formation can also be used in a trend.


  • Hammer or Pincandle is perfect for trend reversals.
  • Watch this candle formation touch striking levels in the market
  • Simplicity is better in the end

Our Conclusions on Candlestick Charts and Analysis

On this page, we have given you a detailed description of the known candle formations. Now you should be able to read it correctly. It will take you a little practice as a beginner until you get used to the presentation. Candlesticks offer traders more information than normal line charts, which is why it is advisable to switch to a candle form.